Hello there~ I’m Danny and I am here to talk about what the internet means to me…..
I’m actually not very sure what it DOES mean to me…. when I was about 7-8 years old
my mother bought our first computer and we had the wonderful privilege of having dial-up
internet (I do miss that sound…). since I was pretty young I had no idea how the internet worked
or what I really could do with it, the most I would do was type in www.(something I liked).com
that’s about all i knew how to do… or just look up things on yahoo, though I didn’t know how to use the
internet very well I thought it was very cool that I could look up Pokemon (that was the cool thing when i was 7-8) stuff on the computer. Then when I was in middle school I started playing online MMORPGs and thanks to Maplestory I was able to learn how to type, since chatting with real people is more interesting than learning to type on typing tutor at school.
Then around Highschool times I started to use the internet for more research stuff….but mostly youtube and facebook.. and ever since I have become quite addicted to the internet…. since it is basically my only form of entertainment at home… watching videos, blogging on tumblr, talking to friends on facebook or just killing time looking at random pages on wikipedia. This addiction has gotten pretty bad… I noticed this specially if something happened to my internet at home… I’d realize I’d be walking around my house thinking of what to do to entertain myself.




  1. Wait wait wait — what do you mean Pokemon was cool when we were seven and eight? It’s still cool! Just think of all the Poke-battles you are missing out on!

  2. I enjoyed reading about your internet experience. I get the sense from reading this that you, as with most of us, have become so familiar with using it that we have to think hard to describe what it is and what it means to us.

    I also have a feeling that for folks in your age group, the experience you describe is pretty typical.

    One thing that I hope happens during this course that we at least consider is there some way we can both get more out of the experience and perhaps give something back through the ways we choose to share and express our ideas creatively.

    I’m so happy you’re along for the ride and look forward to seeing your future contributions.

  3. The internet is way better motivation for typing than learning at school, I agree! Though there were some pretty good typing games (and still are). Have you ever tried Mario Teaches Typing when you were younger? Or perhaps Typing of the Dead?

    I think I faintly remember an English zombie typing arcade game in Odaiba several years back…


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