my first ds106 assignment~ Screen Capture

So today I attempted to do my first ds106 assignment~ I have been wanting to learn how to do screen capture for a while so this was a good one to try out~ Though the assignment details say that Fraps and CamStudio are the best programs to do screen capture, I kept running into problems with them, Fraps would only record 30 seconds since it was just a trial version, and CamStudio slowed down what I was trying to record, so it seemed kind of useless. I eventually was able to find a program that is pretty decent at doing screen capture. It’s called WeGame Though it requires to make an account (which is free) it was very easy to use~ and it is just straight to the point….. Just have to set up some simple settings, and then you can easily record whatever you want to record… While you start your game (or whatever you’re doing)  there will be a small green square on the top left corner once you press F6 (or whatever key you set) it should disappear and that means that it should be recording.
I decided to record myself playing one of my favorite games~ Pop’n music~
this is what the arcade version looks like~

to stop recording just press it again. and the video will be sent to the folder you selected. I was able to record everything I wanted (even recorded skype sounds) sadly the video quality was not as good as I thought it would be. I also noticed that some of the video is kind of choppy, which is also a shame… so now I shall leave you with Dschinghis Khan…. and BaumKuchen


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  1. That looks like it took a lot of work! What was the original ds106 assignment you were screencapping for? I’m also curious as to why you chose Pop’n’Music. Is it a favorite game of yours?

    And your blog always makes me hungry. ;9

  2. That looked pretty amazing! I do love playing Pop’n’Music too, it is definitely one of my favorite games to play at the arcade! Very impressive work there! 🙂

  3. This is insanely awesome. I’ve never seen such a game. I showed it to one of the daughters and she wasn’t too impressed. She said Tap-Tap studio is better. Kids, today – eh?

    Anyhow, I think some links are needed here. People, myself included, will want to dig deeper into this. What the heck is Pop’n’Music and how do I get there?

    And this WeGame things sounds sick! I googled it and had a look (a URL would have saved me the anguish). It looks like in addition to being a capture software, it is also a sort of social network type of things around videos of games.

    Your post provides a sneak peek glimpse into an interesting world that I know almost nothing about. Please help us old geezer by providing a bit of context and some links.

    Speaking of links, you need one to the original assignment. You did get the tagging right with this one!


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