ds106 Assignment #2 – Car Lust

VW Beetle

Though this might be a very simple and not very amazing car, but whenever I do see one it gives me a very
nostalgic feeling. When I used to live in Mexico in th 90’s, all the taxis were VW beetles.

So every time I see this kind of car it always reminds me of my childhood and Mexico.
I find it amazing that in only about… 10 years this car has almost vanished and now seeing one is a rarity.
I’m hoping to buy one some day…. if they are not impossible to find.



ds106 Assignment #2 – Car Lust」への3件のフィードバック

  1. Usually ds106 assignments need to outline the Assignment (with link to ds106 assignment page), explain your Process, and tell the Story behind what you did. Definitely nailed the Story on this one 🙂 Interesting read!

    However… you didn’t post a picture of a baumkuchen 😦

  2. Thanks D! I wish Mexico was still like this, the little buggies are so cute! like little beetles running around.

    you can always make one in the future~ They are collectors now and you can just get one (they are actually the number one most produced car next to the model A) almost anywhere for dirt cheap. Plus green and white are not unusual colors…

  3. As Paul mentioned, this is a good start but several things need to be done to get any sort of ds106 assignment credit for this. Paul’s listed several of the needful elements but don’t forget to include the proper tags with your past so that it gets listed properly on the ds106 site.



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