ds106 Assignment # 4 Pop Culture .GIF

Assignment:   ‘Pop Culture .GIF‘ has to do with making a  .gif  image file relating to popular culture (ie: music video, movie, tv show, celebrity, etc).  For mine I decided to make an animated GIF using a clip from Kyari Pamyupamyu’s music video

つけまつける <- click here to see the music video~

Using GIMP and the help of my dear friend Paul, I was able to take screen caps (14 in total) from the music video, then I had to layer them and saved them all as a .gif file at 98 milliseconds

I’m a big fan of Kyari Pamyupamyu, even though she only really has like… two songs. I like the style of her music videos since they are completely random and weird. She has been gaining lot’s of popularity in Japan recently.


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  1. Totally awesome – so this is what you were up to when you stayed after class. Yeah, that Paul guy seems to know his GIF business.

    I wonder if all visitors will realize that the link in hiragana above the GIF is a link to the YouTube.



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