ds106 Assignment #5 Postcards From Magical Places

Assignment:  “Postcards From Magical Places” For this assignment, I had to design the front and the back of a post card that might be sent from a fictional place.

I was watching this series called Madoka Magica, and this one scene always really impressed me, I fell in love with the design of the witch world from this one episode thus I decided to make a postcard for that world.

In this series, the characters have to go into the world of witches, in this case the world was focused on roses and was all in German . the witch world also has its own alphabet which are all runes, so I thought it would be a fun idea to have all the writing on the post card be in runes.

I managed to get all the  letters for that alphabet from this fan wiki I also got the main front image from this website.
I looked online for the back of the postcard and I used this image

I put all the images and runes together using a program called Paint tool SAI, which is just a type of photoshop thing.

and here is what is written on the postcard:

(front)  Vertrag (which means “contract” in German)

(back)   Die blühenden Rosen sollen der Königin sofort geschenkt sein, Und die schlechten Blumen
steigen auf die Guillotine. ( The blooming roses shall be presented to the queen immediately, and the bad flowers go to the guillotine.)

this was all text that was written in the background of some scenes of that episode.

This assignment took some time, but it was lots of fun 🙂


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  1. Cool!!
    The postcard is really realistic! It would be interesting if I actually got a postcard like this 🙂



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