Working in Tokyo

So apart from being a student in Tokyo, I also started working for a place called Ciappuccino. this places focuses on selling American treats called Woopie Pies…. which strangely enough I have never heard of until I started working here…haha… anyways~

Working here has helped me learn so much Japanese now, I usually serve costumers and work the cash register, things are fine until I get a costumer who makes a complicated order…..

This past weekend I worked at Seibu department store in Shibuya, my job was to stand around, look foreign and attract costumers. It was lots of fun. However… saying “Welcome to Woopie pie” was kind of…. odd, and many Japanese people seemed surprised when they saw a foreigner speaking Japanese.  when other foreigners walked by I kept feeling strangely embarrassed when they saw me.

Working here has been such a great experience, and I’ve met so many nice people (and grumpy costumers) but it’s all great~ I’m looking forward to continue working here for a while!


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