Dormir – Petit March Album

So I bought myself a music album about a week or so ago as a late birthday present for myself. haha

It’s Petit March by Dormir. Dormir is a duo of the composer Tomosuke and vocalist Crimm. This album contains songs that were originally used for many Bemani rhythm games such as Pop’n Music, Beat Mania, Guitar/Drum Freaks and Jubeat. However all the songs in the album are the full versions of the songs. (except for 2 songs which was slightly disappointing.) The audio quality for the album version of the songs was highly improved though.

Ever since I started playing Bemani Rhythm games, I always look forward to the new games hoping to hear a new song from some of my favorite artists such as Dormir.

The music by Dormir has a very fairy tale-ish cutesy and almost french pop-ish feel to it. some of my favorite tracks are Toybox Rondo , αρχη and にゃんだふる55 Another reason I just had to buy this album was because the sleeve cover design was created by 劇団イヌカレー (gekidan inu curry) who have done illustrations for many animated series. I personally love their style so I just had to buy the actual Album instead of just getting it from itunes.

more gekidan inu curry

Appart from just the cover and the sleeve, the CD came with Illustration cards that have the lyrics to the songs on the back, I thought it was a very nice addition. here are some of the illustrations, these were made by Marimo (click the name to see her blog) here are some of the illustrations

All in all this was a great album, and I’m very glad I was able to be in Japan for its release~ I hope this blog post catches some people’s attention and give Dormir’s Petit March a listen.


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  1. This is really amazing. The songs are made for the game originally?

    I’m still trying to make sense of the premise here. The artwork just blows my mind. The music I heard on the YouTube tracks is equally amazing.

    My guess is that getting one’s songs connected to a game can lead to greater commercial success. I suppose this has been going on for a long time. It’s just that it’s a new model for me to understand.

    Thanks for sharing this.


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