So my group (group 7) did the presentation about twitter the other day. I believe we did a very good job explaining how Twitter is used now as compared to when it first started. Also turns out the guy who created Twitter was indeed not from England.

Now… I wanted to make this blog post more about prezi itself. I was very impressed with the way prezi works, it makes presentations much more interesting and dynamic as opposed to boring old powerpoint presentations.  Though it still seems to be pretty limited when it comes to  colors of themes, once you choose one theme you are kind of stuck with what they give you  and that’s that. On the other hand, I was impressed to see how the other groups took images from powerpoints and used them within the prezi presentation.

I think I will find myself using Prezi much more for future presentations~



  1. I seem to recall that it is possible to change font colors in Prezi. But it’s not so obvious how to do this. When you have text selected, a small color palette appears at the top of the editing window (the same bar where you can change the font and alignment).

    I think your group came up with a good presentation and made good use of Prezi’s features.


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