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The one part of the reading that did catch my attention was this~
“Progress means looping back to earlier ideas whose vitality and importance were unrecognized or underexplored at the time, and bringing those ideas back into play in a new context.”

After reading the article I had started to play my 3DS and I realized that even Nintendo had done that which is mentioned in that sentence. Seeing as how back in 1995 Nintendo released the Virtual Boy, which was their first take on putting 3D and gaming together.(well this does not include their first Famicom 3D system which was launched in 1987 …but this was only in Japan..so)

(this monstrosity was supposed to be portable)

Sadly for Nintendo, the Virtual Boy ended up being a complete disappointment that ended up being discontinued within one year.

Though the idea of the Virtual boy was a good one, the technology of the time was lacking thus the idea was not able to be brought to its full potential.(also it was rushed out since they were working on the Nintendo 64 at the time)

at the time, the virtual boy was only able to display monochromatic red LED pixels, which meant all the games were only in red and black….. not very nice to keep looking at for a long time.

Though the Virtual Boy ended up being a complete failure, Nintendo did not give up on the idea of 3D gaming. They held on to the concept and worked on it for about 14 years.

and thus the Nintendo 3DS was created~

now being able to provide us full color 3D gaming without requiring us to stick our eyes into the game system.



Troubles of going back home

So I just recently realized that we are already half way through March… meaning that the Spring semester is done in about a Month…. Now that I have realized this I noticed that I did not spend much time since January looking for tickets to go back to Chicago for the summer…. after looking through Orbitz I found out that tickets are RIDICULOUSLY expensive this time around….. last year I was able to find an American Airlines  round trip ticket for about $1,400 (atleast I think that’s what it was) but now all the American Airlines flights are in the $4,000 dollar range (also not direct flights) ….. WHY?   …. well anyways, I hope I’m able to find a ticket before the end of April….

Also, while I was thinking of going back home for the summer, I was thinking of how much I would miss Japan (though last time I went back for the summer I was so sad about leaving Chicago. we’re never pleased with what we have.)  It’s just so tough liking two places so much.  I’ve been trying to think if it would be better for me to stay here for the summer or not, seeing as how I was able to get a job here and I’m pretty settled in at my share house so it would be such a hassle to find a place to leave all my things. Also, I’m at a moment where I almost have absolutely no money (even though I got a job..go figure)  So going back to Chicago would be a nice time to just get back on my feet and try to relax just a bit. Though nothing guarantees that I will be able to find a part time job when I go back, seeing as how last summer I did not get any of the 8 part time jobs I applied for.

Another thing would be safety, I was thinking how weird it would be going back to Chicago and not being able to freely walk or take the train at night without feeling insecure, something that has never crossed my mind while living in Tokyo…

Also, food is something that matters sooo much….

I would miss Gyudon and Curry oh so much..

However…. I would be able to look forward to Mexican food at my families restaurant and also be able to see some delicious Chicago deep dish pizza.

In the end I’m not so worried about leaving Japan since I know I will be coming back for the next semester.

Thank goodness I still have a bit over a month to think things over… and maybe find a ticket (does anyone know a good place to find cheap tickets? if so please leave me a comment :P)

ds106 Assignment – Celeb Mashup!

I meant to put this one up last night as well but I forgot.

I also did the ds106 assignment called Celeb Mashup! the point of this assignment is to take a picture of yourself and a picture of a celebrity and put yourself in with them some how.

I decided to use an image taken from Lady Gaga’s music video Paparazzi . Since the picture of myself I used was already in Monochrome I had to put everything in paint tool SAI in order to mess around with the colors, brightness and contrast.  I noticed the other person who previously did the assignment decided to add a quote, so I added a quote by Lady Gaga as well.

After putting everything together, I ended up with this~


In the end I thought it was quite a fun assignment to try out~

ds106 Assignment – Music Mash

So today I decided to try out the ds106 assignment Music Mash  In this assignment I had to take clips from different songs and mash them up.

at first I was not sure what I would do… but in the end I decided to just mix up random tracks I have using Audacity . a free audio editing program.

I put in clips from 7 different songs I had in my itunes

Hora de verdad by Vandalusia改

カーニバルの主題による人形のためのいびつな狂想曲 by 楽士カンタビレオ

Der Wald by エレハモニカ

Samba de Aspel by Anemo-Aspel

Princess Roki by Akino

纏舞曲 ~Hysteric Rondo~ by miu∽myu

Betty-boo by Senax

Using Audacity I clipped parts of each track, and messed around with pitch, tempo, speed and such (all the fun things you can do on Audacity)

In the end I ended up with a weird….thing…

You can listen to it here on Soundcloud



Different Kinds of Spyware

I decided to make my topic focus on Spyware, though spyware falls under the same type of category as malware, it manages to get into people’s computers and get get their personal information without them even knowing so, thus it is a problem of internet privacy. First of all, there are two types of Spyware “Domestic Spyware” and “Commercial Spyware” Domestic spyware is used by regular people in order to track down what is going on within their own computers, such as checking up on what kids are doing on the internet and such, however this does not mean that Domestic spyware cant be installed by a 3rd party. Commercial Spyware is used by companies in order to track what a person does on the internet, it keeps track of what a person searches and uses those searches in order to get information on a person’s interests. This information is later sold to marketers who match adds to the interests of people.

Tracking Cookies and SuperCookies Tracking cookies are small files that websites install into one’s computer in order to track activities online. such as language preferences and log-in information, these types of files are usually not harmful and can be easily removed. However, Super Cookies are becoming a new problem, they are installed into different parts of one’s computer, making it harder to track.  SuperCookies are also able to regenerate previously deleted cookies, thus making the deletion of regular cookies useless.

Chat loggers and Email recorders are used to make copies of incoming and outgoing mail and can also record chat sessions

Keyloggers and Password recorders are a type of spyware that records passwords used and can also record all keystrokes that one inputs.

Web bugs are specially made for advertising, one can easily notice they have web bugs if pop up ads show up from doing simple actions on one’s computer, or even if the user is not even connected to the internet.
Browser Hijacking occurs when hijackers place shortcuts within the user’s bookmarks and favorites, which will cause your computer to open those sites and increase the amount of views on the hijacker websites. These bookmarks can be manually removed, but there are cases when the spyware can reset itself when the user reboots, thus only leaving the user with few ways of getting rid of this type of spyware.

All these kinds of Spyware made me realize that Google and Facebook are somewhat not much different from Spyware, seeing as how Google tracks every search you make and saves all your emails, conversations and even voice recordings using google voice.  Also, Google is much more precise on how it saves information, this includes date,time, location, and IP address.


reference 1

reference 2

reference 3

ds106 Assignment~ Common everyday object









Assignment: In this assignment called Common Everyday object I was supposed to “Take a picture of a common ever day object and manipulate the colors”

Process: I chose a photo I took a while ago and put it in Gimp,  I selected around the certain objects which I was going to change the color of. I originally wanted to change the color in a more realistic way such as just changing the green of the DS and the headphones into a light purple, but in the end I  experimented with different colors and brush types in order to get some sort of “funky” style going on.

Story: The picture I chose was one I took last summer when I got my new Headphones, I thought it would be a good picture to change up since the colors are so vivid.  Then when it was time to start coloring I was gonna do the regular purple, but then I just let go of some stress from work and went a bit crazy while coloring, and the end result was not so bad and ended up quite interesting in my opinion 😛