ds106 Assignment~ Common everyday object









Assignment: In this assignment called Common Everyday object I was supposed to “Take a picture of a common ever day object and manipulate the colors”

Process: I chose a photo I took a while ago and put it in Gimp,  I selected around the certain objects which I was going to change the color of. I originally wanted to change the color in a more realistic way such as just changing the green of the DS and the headphones into a light purple, but in the end I  experimented with different colors and brush types in order to get some sort of “funky” style going on.

Story: The picture I chose was one I took last summer when I got my new Headphones, I thought it would be a good picture to change up since the colors are so vivid.  Then when it was time to start coloring I was gonna do the regular purple, but then I just let go of some stress from work and went a bit crazy while coloring, and the end result was not so bad and ended up quite interesting in my opinion 😛



ds106 Assignment~ Common everyday object」への4件のフィードバック

  1. Really love what you did with this pic.

    The criss-crossing psychedelic colors look really nice and make me wish I could get some actual electronics with that sort of coloration 🙂

  2. If Hunter S. Thompson, the journalist who gave us the term Fear and Loathing, were still with us today, I can imagine him playing with such a DS and wearing these headphones while driving through the desert to Las Vegas in a convertible Cadillac at top speed while trying to avoid the bats.

  3. Dude. I know you did this ages ago, but it’s totally dope. (I also think it’s radtastic that you used “funky” — my day, it is made.)



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