Troubles of going back home

So I just recently realized that we are already half way through March… meaning that the Spring semester is done in about a Month…. Now that I have realized this I noticed that I did not spend much time since January looking for tickets to go back to Chicago for the summer…. after looking through Orbitz I found out that tickets are RIDICULOUSLY expensive this time around….. last year I was able to find an American Airlines  round trip ticket for about $1,400 (atleast I think that’s what it was) but now all the American Airlines flights are in the $4,000 dollar range (also not direct flights) ….. WHY?   …. well anyways, I hope I’m able to find a ticket before the end of April….

Also, while I was thinking of going back home for the summer, I was thinking of how much I would miss Japan (though last time I went back for the summer I was so sad about leaving Chicago. we’re never pleased with what we have.)  It’s just so tough liking two places so much.  I’ve been trying to think if it would be better for me to stay here for the summer or not, seeing as how I was able to get a job here and I’m pretty settled in at my share house so it would be such a hassle to find a place to leave all my things. Also, I’m at a moment where I almost have absolutely no money (even though I got a job..go figure)  So going back to Chicago would be a nice time to just get back on my feet and try to relax just a bit. Though nothing guarantees that I will be able to find a part time job when I go back, seeing as how last summer I did not get any of the 8 part time jobs I applied for.

Another thing would be safety, I was thinking how weird it would be going back to Chicago and not being able to freely walk or take the train at night without feeling insecure, something that has never crossed my mind while living in Tokyo…

Also, food is something that matters sooo much….

I would miss Gyudon and Curry oh so much..

However…. I would be able to look forward to Mexican food at my families restaurant and also be able to see some delicious Chicago deep dish pizza.

In the end I’m not so worried about leaving Japan since I know I will be coming back for the next semester.

Thank goodness I still have a bit over a month to think things over… and maybe find a ticket (does anyone know a good place to find cheap tickets? if so please leave me a comment :P)


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  1. wow thats a crazy amunt of money, especially for college students, i wish you the best of luck. I couldnt imagen being that far from home, i wouldnt be able to handle it. I already miss my home and i live what 40 min away, you are stronger than I.

  2. You’ve got quite a dilema here. That’s such a big bundle of money for a trip back. I hope you’re able to find a discounted ticket somehow.


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