The one part of the reading that did catch my attention was this~
“Progress means looping back to earlier ideas whose vitality and importance were unrecognized or underexplored at the time, and bringing those ideas back into play in a new context.”

After reading the article I had started to play my 3DS and I realized that even Nintendo had done that which is mentioned in that sentence. Seeing as how back in 1995 Nintendo released the Virtual Boy, which was their first take on putting 3D and gaming together.(well this does not include their first Famicom 3D system which was launched in 1987 …but this was only in Japan..so)

(this monstrosity was supposed to be portable)

Sadly for Nintendo, the Virtual Boy ended up being a complete disappointment that ended up being discontinued within one year.

Though the idea of the Virtual boy was a good one, the technology of the time was lacking thus the idea was not able to be brought to its full potential.(also it was rushed out since they were working on the Nintendo 64 at the time)

at the time, the virtual boy was only able to display monochromatic red LED pixels, which meant all the games were only in red and black….. not very nice to keep looking at for a long time.

Though the Virtual Boy ended up being a complete failure, Nintendo did not give up on the idea of 3D gaming. They held on to the concept and worked on it for about 14 years.

and thus the Nintendo 3DS was created~

now being able to provide us full color 3D gaming without requiring us to stick our eyes into the game system.




  1. I’m terribly sorry but I don’t know what to make of this. I’m trying for the life of me to figure why you showed no effort or interest in referring to the article beyond selecting “the one part” that caught your attention. And I can’t come up with any explanation.

    This is an interesting bit of Nintendo lore. Still, I don’t quite see how I can get any idea of what sort of understanding you gained from reading the article. That, after all, was the reason I asked you and your classmates to do the pop quiz.

  2. I think it is a great real life example that is modern of this quote! I can totally understand how the idea that you found in your quote was predicting the change in Nintendo’s technology!



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