ds106 Assignment – Fan Fiction Picture

So for this Assignment I decided to do the Fan Fiction Picture  where I had to use the name of a title of a song, singer, tv show or movie and display it in the form of a picture.

I decided I would make a picture based on a song I like, but I had such a hard time choosing only one song so I ended up doing two different ones.

First I decided to make a picture for a song called “Safari Disco Club” (from the album of the same name) by one of my favorite French bands Yelle 

I used to (and still) listen to Yell back when I was in 10th grade. So I thought it would be a good choice.

The Second one I decided to make was for the song “Don” by an Argentine electro pop band known as “Miranda!”

This song is from their 2004 album “Sin Restricciones”  I decided to base the picture mostly on what is in the music video.  An Argentine friend that used to live in my share house introduced me to Miranda, and other music from Argentina.  Since I am half Argentine I highly appreciated it since I don’t know much about current pop trends that are going on there.

I made both these images by using images I found around the internet. In the end I used Paint tool SAI to put them all together and arrange them to my liking.  I ran into some difficulties having to re-size some images since SAI is not as good as photoshop. In the end I really like how they turned out and this ended up being quite an enjoyable assignment to do.


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