Dear Intergalactic Board of Education

Dear Intergalactic Board of Education

I was informed that the CIS0835 Cyberspace and society class is in consideration of being terminated, I find this to be quite a concern. As a student that has taken this course, I must say that this thanks to this course I was able to learn about how not only internet and technology have changed, but also about how people change with it. This course is useful in ways that make people think about how technology can be used in the future.
Old computer
In this course we also used the site called ds106through it I learned how to do many things such as creating new types of images, learning how to use certain programs and websites that before I was uncertain of how to use. I believe that through this course anyone can learn how to do something new through the use of computers by using ds106, from people who are not accustomed to using computers to people who would consider themselves to be computer savvy.

Though I found this course to be interesting, it did seem to run into some difficulties. Finding certain information seemed quite troublesome since it mostly seemed to be quite scattered around from blog posts to Emails and Google Documents, maybe it would be better to have one main site or one main focused place where students are able to find the information that  necessary for the course.  The completion of certain assignments might also be quite challenging for people who are not very skilled at using computers, since not all of the ds106 assignments have detailed descriptions of how to do certain projects, this might lead students to only focus on one section of the assignments available.

In the end I found CIS0835 to be a very informative class and I don’t believe that it should be terminated in anyway. Though it might be lacking some organization at times, it proved to be quite educational.

Thank you for your time, and please consider using your intergalactic  powers to terminate other courses.



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  1. Thanks Danny. You raise excellent points about having information related to assignments and activities stored in one central location.

    If the IBE gives me another chance, I will certainly try to follow your suggestion.


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