ds106 Assignment~ Common everyday object









Assignment: In this assignment called Common Everyday object I was supposed to “Take a picture of a common ever day object and manipulate the colors”

Process: I chose a photo I took a while ago and put it in Gimp,  I selected around the certain objects which I was going to change the color of. I originally wanted to change the color in a more realistic way such as just changing the green of the DS and the headphones into a light purple, but in the end I  experimented with different colors and brush types in order to get some sort of “funky” style going on.

Story: The picture I chose was one I took last summer when I got my new Headphones, I thought it would be a good picture to change up since the colors are so vivid.  Then when it was time to start coloring I was gonna do the regular purple, but then I just let go of some stress from work and went a bit crazy while coloring, and the end result was not so bad and ended up quite interesting in my opinion 😛



Dormir – Petit March Album

So I bought myself a music album about a week or so ago as a late birthday present for myself. haha

It’s Petit March by Dormir. Dormir is a duo of the composer Tomosuke and vocalist Crimm. This album contains songs that were originally used for many Bemani rhythm games such as Pop’n Music, Beat Mania, Guitar/Drum Freaks and Jubeat. However all the songs in the album are the full versions of the songs. (except for 2 songs which was slightly disappointing.) The audio quality for the album version of the songs was highly improved though.

Ever since I started playing Bemani Rhythm games, I always look forward to the new games hoping to hear a new song from some of my favorite artists such as Dormir.

The music by Dormir has a very fairy tale-ish cutesy and almost french pop-ish feel to it. some of my favorite tracks are Toybox Rondo , αρχη and にゃんだふる55 Another reason I just had to buy this album was because the sleeve cover design was created by 劇団イヌカレー (gekidan inu curry) who have done illustrations for many animated series. I personally love their style so I just had to buy the actual Album instead of just getting it from itunes.

more gekidan inu curry

Appart from just the cover and the sleeve, the CD came with Illustration cards that have the lyrics to the songs on the back, I thought it was a very nice addition. here are some of the illustrations, these were made by Marimo (click the name to see her blog) here are some of the illustrations

All in all this was a great album, and I’m very glad I was able to be in Japan for its release~ I hope this blog post catches some people’s attention and give Dormir’s Petit March a listen.


So my group (group 7) did the presentation about twitter the other day. I believe we did a very good job explaining how Twitter is used now as compared to when it first started. Also turns out the guy who created Twitter was indeed not from England.

Now… I wanted to make this blog post more about prezi itself. I was very impressed with the way prezi works, it makes presentations much more interesting and dynamic as opposed to boring old powerpoint presentations.  Though it still seems to be pretty limited when it comes to  colors of themes, once you choose one theme you are kind of stuck with what they give you  and that’s that. On the other hand, I was impressed to see how the other groups took images from powerpoints and used them within the prezi presentation.

I think I will find myself using Prezi much more for future presentations~

Working in Tokyo

So apart from being a student in Tokyo, I also started working for a place called Ciappuccino. this places focuses on selling American treats called Woopie Pies…. which strangely enough I have never heard of until I started working here…haha… anyways~

Working here has helped me learn so much Japanese now, I usually serve costumers and work the cash register, things are fine until I get a costumer who makes a complicated order…..

This past weekend I worked at Seibu department store in Shibuya, my job was to stand around, look foreign and attract costumers. It was lots of fun. However… saying “Welcome to Woopie pie” was kind of…. odd, and many Japanese people seemed surprised when they saw a foreigner speaking Japanese.  when other foreigners walked by I kept feeling strangely embarrassed when they saw me.

Working here has been such a great experience, and I’ve met so many nice people (and grumpy costumers) but it’s all great~ I’m looking forward to continue working here for a while!

ds106 Assignment #6 Wiggle Stereoscopy

The Assignment I decided to do this time was Wiggle Stereoscopy  The point of this Assignment is to take two photos of of the same thing from slightly different angles, then the two pictures are put together into a gif image and create a 3D like image.

I took these pictures while I was at work using an app on the iTouch specifically to make images like that. The name of the app is Stereogram, it’s very quick and easy, and it instantly puts both images into a gif image.



ds106 Assignment #5 Postcards From Magical Places

Assignment:  “Postcards From Magical Places” For this assignment, I had to design the front and the back of a post card that might be sent from a fictional place.

I was watching this series called Madoka Magica, and this one scene always really impressed me, I fell in love with the design of the witch world from this one episode thus I decided to make a postcard for that world.

In this series, the characters have to go into the world of witches, in this case the world was focused on roses and was all in German . the witch world also has its own alphabet which are all runes, so I thought it would be a fun idea to have all the writing on the post card be in runes.

I managed to get all the  letters for that alphabet from this fan wiki I also got the main front image from this website.
I looked online for the back of the postcard and I used this image

I put all the images and runes together using a program called Paint tool SAI, which is just a type of photoshop thing.

and here is what is written on the postcard:

(front)  Vertrag (which means “contract” in German)

(back)   Die blühenden Rosen sollen der Königin sofort geschenkt sein, Und die schlechten Blumen
steigen auf die Guillotine. ( The blooming roses shall be presented to the queen immediately, and the bad flowers go to the guillotine.)

this was all text that was written in the background of some scenes of that episode.

This assignment took some time, but it was lots of fun 🙂